PK 3400

The universal crane with a large hydraulic outreach PK 3400 is well suited for a variety of tasks for mounting on different types of trucks. A big number of additional accessories and attachments allows the buyer to find an ideal decision for themselves. Completely redesigned control valve helps to reduce the pressure peaks that occur when working at high loads. As a result - increase safety during operation of the crane, which accordingly reflected in the life use of the machine.
Max. lifting moment 3.1 mt
Max. lifting capacity 990 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach 9.7 m
Slewing angle 370°
Slewing torque with 1 gear 0.4 mt
Stabilizer spread (std) 9' 6"
Fitting space required (std) 0.53 m
Max. operating pressure 250 bar
Dead weight (std.) 447 kg
Width folded 1.90 m

Concern PALFINGER is the largest manufacturer of crane-manipulators (hydraulic manipulators) in the world, occupying about 30% of the market. The company's product portfolio has nearly 150 models. In Western Europe, every third hydraulic manipulator is produced by PALFINGER Concern.