The optimized design provides a minimum dead weight of the crane and, as a consequence, the maximum payload of the truck.
Electrophoresis coating KTL increases corrosion resistance of the crane and significantly increases the operation life.
Linkage suspension system Power Link Plus provides the flexibility and maneuverability of the crane.
HPSC system provides stability control of the combination of crane with chassis and the optimum use of workspace.
Max. lifting moment 34.5 mt
Max. lifting capacity 13000 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach 16.3 m
Max. manual outreach 23.3 m
Slewing angle 400°
Slewing torque with 1 gear 4.0 mt
Fitting space required (std) 1.28 m
Max. operating pressure 320 bar
Dead weight (std.) 3800 kg

Concern PALFINGER is the largest manufacturer of crane-manipulators (hydraulic manipulators) in the world, occupying about 30% of the market. The company's product portfolio has nearly 150 models. In Western Europe, every third hydraulic manipulator is produced by PALFINGER Concern.