The own weight - lifting capacity ratio of the model PK 8500 Performance allows the crane to be the best mode of its class. High-quality fine structural steel and equipment ensure the reliability and accuracy of work in the most exacting conditions. The model PK 8500 Performance - the best partner for you.
Max. lifting moment 7.6 mt
Max. lifting capacity 3300 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach 9.6 m
Slewing angle 400°
Slewing torque with 1 gear 0.9 mt
Fitting space required (std) 0.66 m
Max. operating pressure 315 bar
Dead weight (std.) 875 kg
Width folded 2.30 m

Concern PALFINGER is the largest manufacturer of crane-manipulators (hydraulic manipulators) in the world, occupying about 30% of the market. The company's product portfolio has nearly 150 models. In Western Europe, every third hydraulic manipulator is produced by PALFINGER Concern.