Palfinger PK 50002 EH High Performance

Palfinger PK 50002 EH  High Performance


The crane-manipulator PK 50002-EH Series High Performance is a “gold mine” in the crane-manipulator engineering industry. The reason is its innovative technologies and design used in structure, excellent performance and a decent hydraulic outreach. Moreover, besides the fact that this model is an ideal choice for installation works, it is advisable to use the crane for performing any day to day tasks.  Dual swivel mechanism enables the crane to work with extreme precision. And last but not least, the crane is most convenient and suitable for maintenance.



Max. lifting moment

48.0 mt

Max. lifting capacity

17100 kg

Max. hydraulic outreach

21.0 m

Max. manual outreach

25.2 m

Slewing angle

Slewing torque with 1 gear

4.0 mt

Slewing torque with 2 gears

5.5 mt

Stabilizer spread (std)

7,8 m

Max. operating pressure

350 bar

Dead weight (std.)

4145 kg

Width folded

2.51 m

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