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Body And Paint

Body works of all types of trucks and vehicles, as well as construction equipment and semi-trailers

The geometrical parameters of the body can be changed due to various circumstances and with different consequences. For their elimination, body works are required with the necessary level of qualification.

If the vehicle is damaged, the units and driving performance of the car may deteriorate, and in this case it is necessary to restore the geometry of the car body. This involves the restoration of the width of the door openings, body pillars and the elimination of related defects. Sometimes, as a result of an accident, the load-bearing elements of the body, the aggregates of the car are deformed and shifted. Similar damages mean that complex body repair with participation of experts of the necessary profile is necessary. It should be used special lifts, modern tools for measuring body parts.To achieve a high level of work performed in our workshop, we use high-tech equipment of the latest generation for body works from the German manufacturer Wolf and Italian manufacturers Gilette-BPL and Menya 3. Welding works are done with help of German machines Lorch M Pro and Hybrid Heating Technology.

Main body works services

  • metal works;
  • repair and assembly of trucks and semi-trailers;
  • body geometry recovery (body editing);
  • replacement parts;
  • high-quality assembly of the vehicle;
  • repair of dents without painting;
  • painting works;
  • polishing of the body;
  • bumper repair.


Paint works of vehicles and heavy machinery

Our Body Workshop offers a full or partial painting of the vehicle body, as a preventive procedure, or as the final part in the final stage of body repair after an accident. Reasons for painting a vehicle can be: an accident or a serious damage, weariness of the body surface, the appearance of minor defects and chips, clouding of varnish, and sometimes just the owner's wish to give his car an updated look.

Main Paint Services

  • washing and cleaning the body surface from dirt;
  • visual inspection to identify scratches, cracks and chips;
  • cleaning / washing of old paint, elimination of scratches, cracks;
  • putty filling and sanding;
  • inspection (repair) of plastic body elements;
  • selection of paint with the help of special computer programs;
  • drying and varnishing painted body.


Preparation of your vehicle is made carefully in the 18-meter two-chamber computerized cabin from the German manufacturer Wolf, with the control system MIKS. This used putty materials are from the manufacturer 3M and a wide choice of paints is from the German manufacturer STANDOX. Accurate selection of paint coating is carried out using the GENIUS system.


Complex polishing of the vehicle and heavy machinery

 Our experts will help you with most accurately selection of protective polishes, in accordance with the general condition of the body, effectively eliminating scratches, haze and other unsightly flaws. This service requires a certain skill, as well as special tools and materials. In our service, such works is possible, thanks to the professionals who use modern technologies for polishing the car body and headlights.

Headlight polishing improves the transmittance of light by 30-50%, polycarbonate becomes transparent, loses its unsightly yellowness and rough surface. The stream of light becomes bright, visibility on the road and it is significantly improved, which increases the safety of driving and reduces driver fatigue.

Thus, our specialists, having carefully studied the body, will advise you the best type of polishing, which will maximally restore the excellent appearance of your vehicle and heavy machinery. Experienced employees of our service will offer you the most rational and optimal option for refining your vehicle.


Repair work on the engine, gearbox and chassis

If your car has engine or gearbox faults, or you just want to protect your car from breakage, you can be sure that we can help you, as engine diagnostics in Aztexnika Ltd. is made by highly qualified specialists using modern computer equipment, which allows them to accurately identify the problem and start to solve it. 

We offer you a comprehensive approach of solving the problems with the engine or gearbox of your vehicle. The essence of this approach is that we do not just carry out diagnostics and repairs, but also offer a wide range of high-quality genuine spare parts according to the criteria of the optimal price-quality ratio.

To increase the service life and reliability of the car, it is recommended to carry out on-time diagnostics and repair or replacement of worn-out parts and chassis parts of the vehicle. The condition of the chassis has the impact on the level of comfort when driving, and, most importantly, the good condition of the chassis of your vehicle ensures the safety of the driver and passengers.


Before starting to repair the chassis, we carry out a thorough diagnosis of the suspension, which includes:

  • checking the condition of shock absorbers, springs, levers, bearing housing;
  • check for backlash in ball bearings, steering tips;
  • checking the status of silent blocks and other nodes in the vehicle’s chassis;
  • check roller bearings;
  • check brake pads, discs, drums, hoses;
  • checking the tightness of the brake system and hydraulic systems of other components and assemblies (steering gear, automatic transmission);
  • balance check. 

When a fault is defined, repairs are made using only specialized tools, which allows you to comply with the necessary technology and high quality work in repairing the chassis. The experience of our craftsmen allows you to save your money by optimizing locksmith repair.