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Main Warehouses of Aztexnika LTD and their functions

The warehouse, as well as the entire logistics process, is very complex, since it requires complete consistency between the functions of supplying parties, cargo processing and physical distribution of orders.

Therefore, the logistics process in the warehouse is much wider than the technological process and includes:

  • Supply control,
  • Unloading and acceptance of goods, in-warehouse transportation of goods,
  • Storage of goods and spare parts,
  • Gathering the customer orders and shipping,
  • Collection and delivery of empty containers,
  • Control over the execution of orders,
  • Warehouse information service,
  • Shipment of stocked goods and materials.


The functioning of all components of the logistics process should be considered in interconnection and interdependence. This approach allows not only to coordinating the activities of the warehouse services, it is the basis for planning and monitoring the movement of cargo in the warehouse with minimal costs.

Conventionally, the whole process can be divided into three parts:

  1. Operations in coordination with the procurement department;
  2. Operations directly related to cargo handling and its documentation;
  3. Operations in coordination with the sales department.

 Coordination with the procurement department is carried out within the process of operations based on the stock supply and through control over the management of supply. The main task of supplying stocks is to provide the warehouse with goods (or material) in accordance with the possibilities of its processing for a given period with full satisfaction of consumer needs. Therefore, the determination of the needs for the purchase of stocks will be in complete coordination with the sales department and the available warehouse capacity. Accounting and control over the receipt of stocks and dispatch of orders allows you to ensure the rhythm of processing cargo flows, maximum use of the available warehouse volumes and the necessary storage conditions, reduce the shelf life of stocks and thereby increase the turnover of the warehouse.


For the segment of special equipment and commercial vehicles, the presence of a warehouses network equipped with an assortment of necessary spare parts and goods plays a crucial role in business promotion.

Of paramount importance for a warehouse is the proper organization of incoming and outgoing cargo flows. Convenient access roads are provided in Aztexnika LTD warehouses, the premises are equipped with gates and platforms for loading and unloading operations, as well as transshipment bridges connecting the floor of the warehouse with the platform of a trailer, semi-trailer or truck. 

Acceptance of goods and their placement in stock are optimized properly. Additional equipment, components, units, spare parts and consumables in the warehouse are arranged so that the time of their receipt and export from the warehouse was minimal.

Large and massive units are stored on wooden pallets, with which it is convenient to work with for a forklift truck. Overall body parts are often placed in vertical racks with movable dividers. Lighter ones, including plastic parts, are stored separately for quick positioning.

Special rooms are used for storage of tires and wheels — it is strongly not recommended to stack them: rubber during such storage deforms at the points of contact between the storage units and the supporting structures. The use of special structures for tire storage is also important for easy shipment.

Oils and lubricants are stored separately - a special room has been allocated for their purpose. Liquid materials are located in containers ranging in volume from a few liters to 200 liter barrels. Considering that special equipment and trucks imply a high consumption of fuel and lubricants, hundreds of such storage units may be stocked at the same time. Considering that there are always flammable liquids, the fuel and lubricants warehouse is necessarily equipped with a fire extinguishing system.

The larger the range of spare parts and consumables stored in the warehouse, the more important is the warehouse management system. This system allows you to minimize the costs associated with the processing of goods, determining the best routes and locations for those or other storage units. It also allows you to optimize the work of warehouse personnel, in particular - the process of receiving, processing and dispatching orders.

If the warehouse turnover increases, the facilities of the Aztexnika LTD allows to use storage systems of the elevator type or high racks. Warehouse special equipment is used for their maintenance - in particular, reach trucks, high-rise loaders.