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Corporate Philosophy

The Corporate Philosophy defines the ideal image of Aztexnika LTD for its customers and outlines management efforts and employee actions necessary to realize this ideal.

Primary philosophy of Aztexnika LTD is to be an industry leader by leveraging our extensive experience, engaging our employees and building strong client relationships in order to deliver above expectations on every project. Providing society with important equipment and services using the latest technology an experience we have acquired to help establish a sustainable society and environment.

Management Principles:

  • Provide our customers with innovative and responsive solutions as a dealer of world’s leading brands.

  • Provide challenges and opportunities to our employees, utilizing their skills and encouraging their creativity and team work.

  • Identify the present and future demand, and meet those demands by being flexible, agile and dynamic.

  • Manage our business from the market perspective and develop a strong presence throughout the country.


Mission: Aztexnika LTD advises and supplies industrial, commercial and public-utility companies with the products that best suit their needs and allow them to carry out their work with maximum efficiency, ensuring the creation of value and sustainability of their business.

Vision: Aztexnika LTD becomes the best providers of construction and transport, and agriculture solutions for our customers that lead to guaranteed satisfaction and success, thus strengthening the economy of Azerbaijan Republic.



Value: Customer Satisfaction: This is the most important priority in our corporate policy. We are proud that our partners and customers rely on us on the base of long life friendship.

Best for the best: We choose and distribute to our clients the best brands in the world that our customers can be proud of. The brands are known worldwide and have a solid history and markets, providing excellent quality and safe products with the highest technology - this is what our customers deserve.

Apply the highest standards of excellence in our service: Parts and Technical Support Department guides to a longer service of the equipment. The Just-In-Time philosophy is one of the most important values, providing no delay in customers` business.

Appreciation and respect for our people: Our work team makes the difference. They are qualified, competent and motivated which makes us believe that they are our most important asset.