Keiler RK 2

Length: 11,800 mm

Width: 3,000 mm

Height: 3,990 mm

Coupling: Ball joint coupling with 80 mm diameter (country-specifi c achievable). The length of the drawbar is 2,565 mm.


The potato harvester is equipped with two large radial tyres 850/50 R 30.5 in standard variant with less than 2 bar tyre infl ation pressure.

Telescopic axle:

Improved stability of the potato harvester is reached due to a telescopic axle, so that the machine’s outer track doesn’t exceed 3,000 mm for transportation and lifting through. For lifting the axle can be widened up to 3,500 mm.


The drive is 100% hydraulic. Thus, all sieving conveyors and cleaning units can be adjusted stepless and independently from the PTO shaft rotational speed. The driving speed or harvester’s rotational speed remain constant as long as the tractor PTO shaft provides min. 650 rpm.


The pickup unit is equipped with a ROPA quickchange system. The row width can be chosen from 750 mm up to 900 mm. Four disc coulters are stepless adjustable to the corresponded to each other distance. The ridge pickup is carried out with two differently confi gured diablo rollers. Two haulm intake rollers ensure smoothly leaves transportation. The outer disc coulter can be driven hydraulically, an additional disc coulter is available optionally (Note: extra wide!).

Ridge guide:

As standard the harvester is provided with ridge centering function. Optionally, the depth control can be performed hydraulically. As well as an automatic ridge pressure relief or hydraulic pressure control (hydraulic depth control is required).

Sieving channel:

Width sieving conveyor 1: 1,600 mm Width sieving conveyor 2: 1,488 mm Optionally, V2A stainless steel sheets are available for the sieving channel, as well as hydraulically driven and in speed continuously variable shaker.

Leaf separation:

The leaves separation is arranged with a 1,600 mm wide leaf-conveyor and rubberized leaf-separators, situated one after another in 6 rows

Trash separation:

Separation unit 1 with 1,450 mm wide studded rubber belt and triple defl ector rollers. Separation unit 2 with 1,160 mm wide rubber pads and twin defl ector rollers. Separation unit 3 with 700 mm wide studded rubber belt and twin defl ector rollers. Separation unit 4 with 1,300 mm wide studded rubber belt and fi nger comb (UFK) with four rows of fi ngers. Speed, height and angle are stepless adjustable from the tractor seat.

Trash track:

350 mm wide, speed is stepless adjustable independently from the picking conveyer speed.

Picking table:

Width: 1,100 mm Length: 1,900 mm The sorting table has enough space for 5 people. Large-dimensioned chutes guarantee a clogging-free drag out of trash. Two in height adjustable platforms enable an individual adaption on body size. Foldaway ladders offer an ergonomic and save ascent and descent.

Operation at harvester:

All functions of the potato harvester can be controlled form the sorting platform via the operating control including a warning device. Furthermore the speed of the sorting web can be adjusted stepless by a separate rotary switch.


The cloth-ground tank seizes around 8 t. The width of the hopper is 2,235 mm and it achieves an overload height of 4,200 mm. The twostage drive is stepless adjustable. Optional, the machine can be equipped with an automatic fi lling function for an optimal and comfortable fi lling of the tank. The tank can be supplied by an articulation unit, so the falling height of the trailer can be reduced thus providing perfect trailer fi lling. Optionally, a hydraulically foldable box fi ller in different outfl ow sizes is available.


The control is enabled with ISOBUS. ROPA ISOBUS standard terminal can be delivered on demand. Optionally, a touch terminal is available.

Additional equipment:

Video monitoring via the colour screen and colour cameras available on demand, as well as LED working lights.

In recent years ROPA Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH in Sittelsdorf has been developed into an important production site for the manufacture of machines for harvesting sugar beets and potatoes. About 380 employees are working at ROPA headquarters in Sittelsdorf, including 20 trainees.