Tiger 6a engine

Volvo Penta D16, 768 hp/565 kW

16.12 l displacement, 6-cylinder inline engine, pump-nozzle injection (PNI), WITHOUT AdBlue, WITHOUT exhaust gas recirculation, fuel with sulphur content to max. 5,000 ppm permitted Max. torque 3,260 Nm, working speed 1,100 rpm, automotive to max. 1,650 rpm
Cooling system:

Horizontal side-by-side radiator elements for intercooler and water, CVR oil cooler and air-conditioning condenser above (can be lifted off), radiator positioned at top rear for protection from dirt, hydraulic oil cooler with open fan, hydrostatically driven stepless and automatically reversing fan
Traction drive:

Traction drive with stepless CVR gearbox for efficient power transmission consisting of three hydraulic motors on the compound gearbox, continuous from 0 to 40 km/h without power interruption (no gear change or switching), 40 km/h in road mode at 1195 rpm, 17.5 km/h in the field at 1220 rpm. air-conditioning), air-sprung GRAMMER ROPA Evolution seat with heating and active ventilation, autopilot, cruise control, base console for telephone, AM/FM/CD/ USB/Bluetooth/DAB+ radio with external microphone for hands-free system, 14 litre cooling box

Chassis - R-Soil Protect:

Innovative chassis design with oscillating front axle in conjunction with 2 hydraulically supported rear axles

Slope adaptation:

The chassis can be inclined by 10% to the slope on each side by 6 hydraulic cylinders The slope compensation is automatically regulated by two inclination sensors (optional)

Chassis roll stabilisation:

Roll stabilisation by hydraulic compensation of oil level in the stabilisation cylinders on each side of the vehicle.

R-Concept operating console, joystick operation, 12.1“ R-Touch colour terminal, machine diagnostics including DM1 error messages from diesel engine in plain text fully integrated in R-Touch, 2 LED interior lights, full-surface window wipers, colour display for reverse camera

Defoliator unit:

PIS - integral defoliator unit with leaf spreading between beet rows, 2 depthcontrol wheels

PAS - all-round defoliator unit, push-button operation from the driver’s seat, can be changed for either integral topping or leaf ejection to the left, 2 depth-control wheels (4 depth-control wheels as option)

PBS - defoliator unit with leaf ejection to the left, leaf-spreader and 2 depth-control wheels (4 depth-control wheels as option)

PES - rubber defoliator with leaf spreading between beet rows, 2 depth-control wheels

PR2h lifting unit:

6, 8 or 9-row, 45 cm, 50 cm or variable (with 6-row only), hydraulic stone protection, 90 cm depth-control wheels, 6 lifting wheels, stepless, fast shaking share drive with axial

Pump distributor gears with pressurized air lubrication and transmission oil cooling system, Bosch-Rexroth traction drive, high-capacity load sensing hydraulics from Bosch-Rexroth, Bucher and Hydac.

RR lifting unit:

6, 8 or 9-row, 45 cm, 50 cm or variable (6-row only) hydraulic single-row adjustment of lifting depth, hydraulic stone protection, 85 cm depth-control wheels, 7 lifting rollers, fast, stepless shaking share drive with axial piston motor, adjustable taper roller bearings in shaking share drive and lifting gears, excellent view of lifting unit and scalper without additional cameras, service position allows defoliator and lifting group to be raised 90 degrees for best possible inspection and service of defoliator knives, scalping knife and lifting shares

1st axle:

Michelin CerexBib 800/70 R38 (1.4 bar)

2nd and 3rd axle

Michelin MegaXBib 1050/50 R32 (1.9 bar)


Michelin CerexBib 1000/55 R32 (1.4 bar)

Large tyre contact surface protects soil and allows high operating reliability even in wet conditions and on slopes

1000 mm wide


Integrated net of 24 volt, generator of 150 amps, 24 Hella LED operating lights, coming home light function, 2 x 12 volt sockets for radio or telephone etc., CAN-BUS computer system with integrated diagnosis of all components connected to the terminal, software update per USB interface possible.

Sound-insulated and tinted all-round glass with low-line vision, quiet stepless fan in heating and ventilation system (climate control piston motor, adjustable taper roller bearings in shaking share drive and lifting unit gears, variably adjustable distance between fourth and fifth lifting roller, good view of the lifting unit and scalper without additional cameras;

service position allows defoliator to be lifted 90 degrees for best possible inspection and service of defoliator knives, scalping knife and lifting shares

Length: 14.99 m

Height: 4.00 m (transport mode)

Width: 3.00 m (6-rows at 45 cm per row),

3.30 m (6-rows at 50 cm per row and 45-50 cm variable)

Fuel tank:

1320 l, fuel consumption displayed in l/ha and l/h on the terminal

Unladen weight:

From 33,400 kg, depending on equipment

Infeed conveyor: 800 mm wide, 50 mm pitch

1st turbine: 1700 mm diameter

2nd turbine: 1500 mm diameter

3rd turbine: 1500 mm diameter

Forged turbine tines

Turbine gates:

Height independently adjustable at 1st, 2nd and 3rd turbine, guide grids can be replaced with spring tines segment by segment


Central lubrication system, fuel consumption measurement, air-conditioning, manual slope compensation, 40 km/h


Leaf spreader with stone protection, skids at scalper, RR lifting unit, Widia lifting shares (forged), hard-welded lifting rollers, guide grid segments with spring times in turbines 1-3, agitator in 2nd turbine, turbine camera, unloading conveyor camera on 2nd video display left, 2 LED high-beam headlights, data printer; via Wi-Fi Connect:


Basic with data export to the ROPA app or USB stick, R-Transfer Professional with data import and data export to the ROPA app or USB stick, R-View video system (bird's eye view), GPS speed sensor, leaf pile equipment (only with defoliator with leaf auger), automatic slope compensation, contour marking package, additional chassis (required in Germany), maximum speed 32 km/h, 25 km/h
Unloading conveyor:

3x folding, for even simpler pickup of 10 metre clamps, beet-protecting PU fingers for high throughput and short unloading times, both conveyors steplessly speedcontrolled, longitudinal conveyor with quick-motion switch, unloading conveyor width 200 cm for even easier loading on trailers, bunker empties in less than one minute, trailer loading height up to 4.00 m

Bunker capacity:

over 43 mі/30 t

Yield indicator:

2 ultrasound sensors measure the bunker content, full bunkers (and partly loaded bunkers) are added up and automatically recorded in the yield database.

In recent years ROPA Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH in Sittelsdorf has been developed into an important production site for the manufacture of machines for harvesting sugar beets and potatoes. About 380 employees are working at ROPA headquarters in Sittelsdorf, including 20 trainees.