TRX 7800

Technical Specifications

Model TRX 7800
Country of origin: Italy
Engine: diesel
Engine power: h/p 71
Maximal engine cycle: rp/m 2500
Working cylinder capacity: m³ 3319
Number of driving axles: units 2
Number of cylinders: units 4
Transmission type: mechanical
Number of shifts, forward / backward: numbers 16/16
Working speed: km / h 3-8
Transport speed: km / h 40
Fuel tank capacity: liters 50
Front Balance Loads: Number / Weight 88
Cabin: with A/C yes
Weight: kg 2482

Antonio Carraro is a historic italian corporation, located in Campodarsego, Padua, Veneto region. Founded by Giovanni Carraro in 1910, it is a worldwide leader in the production of compact tractors for specialized agriculture and civil maintenance.