Technical Specifications

Engine brand IVECO-AIFO
Engine type F4GE 0684 C Tier3 A
Engine power 129 kW (176 hp)
Number of cylinders 6
Cooling water yes
Transmission Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive and differential axles
Working speed: 7.5 km / h
Transfers speed: 26 km / h
Steering: 2 or 4 wheel drive with DANFOSS hydraulic
Steering radius: 4.00 m
Differential lock: front wheels
Wheels: 425 / 75R20 - 155B (Ø 1146x421mm)
Length / Height / Width 10.20 m/3.40 m/3.00 m
Track width / Pitch 1.60 m / 2.65 m
Net weight: 9,600 kg
Production capacity: 300/350 kg / h
Maximum unloading height: 3.50 m

Over 20 years of agricultural machinery experience, Corima is a world leader in the production of tomato harvesters, sugar-beet harvesters, centrifuges and sprayer machines. With its deep expertise in the production of agricultural machines, the company provides high-quality and technology products, exported all over the world. Corima is now well-known for the high-reliability of its machines which represent the perfect image of the Made in Italy. Therefore, in order to achieve this commitment, Corima decided to invest in the construction of a new factory; in 2016, the new headquarter was inaugurated, in order to provide a better service for everyone.